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Services Livestreamed on Facebook, Sundays at 10AM

View them here. You do not have to be a Facebook Member to view.

Virtual Prayer Ministry, Thursdays 6-7PM And Sundays 11AM-12PM

We now have prayer ministry available from your home! You can join us on video chat or phone call.  We will be offering prayer ministry Sundays from 11AM-12PM, Thursdays from 6-7PM and by appointment.  Go to the Healing Prayer page to sign up to receive prayer.

Children's Ministry - Sunday Children's Messages and more!

We are excited to announce that starting June 7 we will be including a special worship song in each Live streamed Sunday Service directed at engaging our kids!  We will also have a Children’s Message every Sunday.  In addition, Children’s Ministry Volunteers are putting together activity packets that they will be delivering to every family that is registered with LVC Children’s Ministry.  

Spring Clean Up Task Sign Up

You can request more information by emailing Rob Bouws at You can sign up to do one of the tasks below by going to the sign up page here.

  • Cleanup sticks around by yard dumpster                                                                       
  • Rake woodbark out of grass back into berms                                                                       
  • Re-Stain landscape timbers around flower beds by entry steps                                          
  • Re-Stain handicap ramp                                                                    
  • Re-Stain Worship Center furnace gates                                                                
  • Clean out Worship Center furnace areas                                                              
  • Plant flowers in beds around parking lot entry                                                                     
  • Remove group of 3 vertical posts by parking lot entrances                                                              
  • Paint Green..2 window frames and check if large boards around the outside of the building need painting. (These are covering the air intake for our old radiators.)                             
  • Clean out gutters and downshoots .. repair if able. (some of the downshoots are on the ground)
  • Spray paint light posts black                                                              
  • Spray paint benches  

Annual Church Picnic - Save the date: August 22!

Critical Care Kit

Feeling overwhelmed?  Are you or a loved one facing isolating hospitalization?  Check out our Critical Care Kit on our website and get connected to the Lord, the Church and to the Praying Community!  These are challenging times and no one should face overwhelming circumstances alone.  We want you to reach out and let us know so that we can walk with you. 

Responding to COVID-19: Some Ways You Can Help
  • Shepherding Your Flock: Pray and care for those God has put around you.
  • Food Pantry: You can pick up food to help your friends!  We are restocking the shelves this week.
  • Volunteer in the Community: This is one place to find a consolidated list of ways to volunteer and help.
  • Tithes and Benevolence Giving to LVC You can give online or mail checks into the office: LVC, 710 Central Ave., Holland, MI 49423.
  • Help Someone Who Attends LVC with a Need:  Pray and ask the Lord who to reach out to, and make sure to connect with your friends from church.
  • Intercessory Prayer:  Pray with us online at 5pm Sunday.  Email to get connected.  We also encourage you to use the prayer guide listed below.
  • Reach out to write or call an LVC member who is shut-in.

Tithes and Offering
Thank you for continuing to give to the work of LVC!  It's hard to tithe on a paycheck you aren't getting right now and we understand that.  We are grateful for those of you who have extra means giving to fill the gap and LVC is doing alright right now.  And for those among us who are struggling right now, please remember our benevolence offering is available to help. You can give online or mail checks into the office: LVC, 710 Central Ave., Holland, MI 49423.

Our Food Pantry is "Open"

We have food in our pantry to share!  If you or someone you know needs food we can pack a box for you to pick up for your family or to drop off to a friend or neighbor. Email to request a box.  

Intercessory Prayer Guide:

We liked the prayer guide presented in this video.  The following is a summary.

Pray according to first letter of the days of week:
  • Sunday: Scriptures:  Psalm 91:1-5, Psalm 121:5-8, John 14:27, Philippians 4:6-7, 2 Timothy 4:7
  • Monday: Medical Workers
  • Tuesday: Truth -Accurate Information
  • Wednesday: Wisdom - for government and other leaders
  • Thursday: Triumph - that scientists would make breakthroughs
  • Friday: Faith - not panic, but trusting God
  • Saturday: Sick - healing and full recovery

Ways to Connect:

Sunday Prayer Meeting, Sundays, 5-6PM on Zoom

We gather together to pray for the church and our community via zoom video conferencing.  Contact Kent@lakeshorevineyard to connect with this group.

Women's Group Meeting online Tuesdays, 9:30-11AM

The Women's Group has set aside their spring study and is gathering to worship, connect and pray online. Contact to get connected to this group!

Connecting with One Another

We are encouraged that so many of you are connecting with each other to say hi, inquire if anyone has needs and to pray with each other!  Our pastoral and elder team is working to connect weekly with our church body by phone or text, if you haven't heard from us, it could be that we don't have your connection info!  If you'd like a call or a text, please email and let us know your name and number.